Full Colour Plastic Cards printing is the process of printing high quality photographs or other documents in the full spectrum of color, people usually call it four color (CMYK) printing or full color printing. Unlike inkjet printers, thermal printers or color photocopiers, full color (CMYK) printing provides accurate, precised, detailed, natural, brilliant reproduction of your originals at a low cost-per-sheet. Our full color plastic card printing service has same process and quality as credit cards production, exactly like the credit cards. 
Full color lastic cards are ideal for clubs, loyalty programs, VIP passes, or simply to have a highly unique and virtually indestructible business card. First time ordering plastic business cards from Easyprint? No problem, we’ll make it easier for you. Before we actually print your plastic business cards your online design is reviewed by an experience graphic designer at no additional cost to you and in order to ensure your plastic cards will print well. There are also no hidden design or setup fees for your order either. 

We also make clear plastic business cards that  is very popular.


Full color plastic card printing

Quality: Expensive professionally looking, texture and feel.

Pricing: There is not much of a difference between full color printing and other forms of commercial printing.

Surcharge options: Barcode, magnetic strips, scratch off, hole/strip punch, signature strip, die cut, metallic background colors, Embossing.

Thickness: 0.76MM ISO standard thickness

Size: 86mm*54mm with rounded corners.

TypesLoyalty cardsmembership cardsdiscount cardsvip cardsgift cards and more

What sets your plastic card printing program apart are the options available from Plasticcardonline.com. We offer a full range of personalization options that will allow you to take your plastic card program to the next level. Plasticcardonline.com offers embossing, bar coding, magnetic stripe encoding, thermal printing and foil stamping.

MOQ starting quantity & unit price

One large pvc sheet size is 460X305mm, which can contain 25 cards. We use Heidelberg machines ,each run of this machine consume 500pcs large sheet. So each run it prints 12500pcs, that's why the quantity is larger the unit price drops quickly.

Magnetic strip: There are several types, most widly used is 12.5mm height loco magstrip. Standard encoding is on track 2, numbers only. Track 1 can encode numbers and characters. If you provide data sheet, we can do random encoding too.

Embossing: One of the most popular options we have available to our customers is Plastic Card Embossing. This feature is the same that you will find on your credit card. It is a very popular feature with VIP and Membership cards. It has also become a new trend with Plastic Business Card Printing and Gift Cards. We can emboss type in several sizes as well as embossing unique information on each cards. Coupled with our fulfillment programs our customers can save money by ordering a large quantity of cards and having us emboss individual member information on each cards as their club or organizations numbers rise. Embossing can be random or sequantial number. The character size has 2 types: 16pt and 12 pt. 16pt is same as credit card embossing, using NBS embossing machine, we can do 18 characters each line maximun. Embossing can not be vertical. And need leave at least 5mm to the card edge. Also embossing will affect magstrip if there is one on the otherside of the card.

Barcode: Barcode has 2 types, thermal printed and spray printed. Thermal printed is durable and clear. Spray printed is cost effective and usually the only one option for special shape card. The most widely used barcode format is Code139 The code can be sequential number or random code. Barcode size: 10digitals 35X15mm, 8digitals 30X12mm,6digitals 25X12mm

Signature panel: Signature panel can be any size and shape, most clients use white ones. We can also do transparent magstrip which is a layer of oil add to the card surface and make it writable for pens.

Scractch panel: Most used scratch panel size:5X18mm 6X18mm 5X22mm 6X22mm 5X26mm 6X26mm 5X30mm 6X30mm 5X40mm 6X40mm. The data under scratch panel are spray printed number.

Printed number: There are 2 types, spray printed number, which is dot matrix. Low cost, short run. And can apply to any position of the card and no matter what size and shape the card is. Themal printed number is only for standard card. The number is printed by heat so it is more durable and looks more clear and sharp. Above 2 types of numbering systems can be sequential or non sequential.

Metallic stock: There are gold and silver, this is widly use for membership card. The card with metallic stock is shinny under light, looks like there are gold or silver power inside of the plastic card material. It makes the card expensive looking.

Metallic ink: Metallic ink is done by silk printing. As CMYK colour can not represent real gold or silver colour, so we have to use special ink with gold or silver powder to make the gold more golden. Unlike mattlic foil, metallic ink has no limitaions for designers mind, it can be used to print complex image like individual portrait. The metallic ink is the best solution for complex image with real gold and silver colour.

Metallic foil: There are gold and silver , green, red, rainbow colours, it is done by heat stamp machine. The made a new layer of gold or silver and add to the card surface, it is glittering and smooth surface like a mirror. The limitation is foil stamp can only do simple images and large charactors.

Colored & Clear Stock: If you are looking to make a definate impression give our clear or frosted line a try. The translucent quality of these cards makes them unforgettable. We also offer Silver and Gold Cardstocks that have a metallic quality (Like metallic paint on a car) In addition to these specialty cardstocks we have a full line of colored stock that can help keep costs down by reducing the colors of ink required to create a design.

Thermal Customization: Need different information on every one of your Plastic Cards?? No problem! In the printing industry this is known as as Thermal Printing. Common uses are ID Badges, Member Information, Bardcode Printing, and Thermal Numbering.

UV Printing: UV printing is used to print on plastic, foil, and specialty substrates. UV light is used to dry specially formulated inks that are printed on non-porous materials. In conventional printing, ink dries as it is absorbed into paper. Because plastic is not absorbent, the ink must be dried on the top surface using UV light.

Please Note: Shipping cost upon request and delivery period time around 2 - 3 weeks.


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